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Monday, January 25, 2016

Movie Review: The Martian

This week I am going to throw it back a little bit and review The Martian. It was released October 2 of 2015, but I just recently viewed the film last weekend. After hearing great reviews of the movie, I decided to give it a try because I do enjoy watching Matt Damon. Even though it was very realistic and I loved the story, I was not entirely impressed by the movie. I thought it was very slow and I am honestly not a fan of space movies. However, Damon did a great job and really played his character well. According to the Rotten Tomatoes website, ninety-two percent of the 113,946 reviewers claimed they liked The Martian. Also, it scored $227.6 million dollars in the box office. If you do enjoy movies that are based on the solar system, then you would probably want to rent this scientific-fiction film. Ridley Scott, the director, did add in some quirky jokes and he truly takes you to Mars in this realistic account. Stay tuned for next week as it will be another movie review surprise!

The Martian Movie Trailer

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Movie Review: The Revenant

A movie that is longer than two hours is usually classified as a snore. However, The Revenant disregarded this thought and kept the viewers' attention until the very end. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the main character, this movie did not miss a beat. The Revenant was very gruesome and brutal, and made the scenes very realistic (which I liked). There were times where I felt so heartbroken and then the next moment, I could not even look at the screen because it was so gory. It is definitely not a family-friendly film, but I would recommend it to those who enjoy action and drama, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. According to the Rotten Tomatoes website, eighty-seven percent of the 58, 735 voters liked it. Also, the website concluded that The Revenant received $87.7 million dollars in admission. One of my favorite factors of this movie is how the story was inspired by true events and shows the true love that a father has for his son. DiCaprio did an incredible job and I truly hope that he will finally receive an Oscar for his work. In closing, you pretty much have to see this movie because it will change you...Stay tuned next week for a movie mystery!

The Revenant Movie Trailer

Monday, January 11, 2016

Movie Review: The Visit

After recently watching The Visit this past weekend, I was actually quite disturbed. The story of the film was pretty clever and I really enjoyed the plot twist. Also, I did find it neat how the entire movie was based off of the idea that it was a vacation documentary. However, the movie itself was bizarre and there were specific scenes where I was debating whether or not to turn away because it was just so weird. I felt as though the movie itself questioned whether it was a horror film or a comedy. There were scenes where I was truly scared and others where the script was just attempting to be funny. I really did not think that these two movie characteristics ran well together... According to the Rotten Tomatoes website, fifty-five percent out of the 29, 221 voters claimed they liked it. If you enjoy odd and kooky movies, then this is the movie for you. In my opinion, this film was not one of Shyamalan's best works especially when compared to The Sixth Sense. If you are thinking about renting for younger viewers, it is not too inappropriate, but there is some nudity.  Don't miss out on next week's movie review of The Revenant.
The Visit's Movie Trailer

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Movie Review: Daddy's Home

Starring Will Ferrell as Brad, the step-dad to the children of Mark Wahlberg's character Dusty, Daddy's Home is full of hilarious battles of who can come out on top as the number one dad. In my opinion, one cannot go wrong with a Will Ferrell movie because he holds nothing back which leads to continuous laughter. Adding Wahlberg was genius because he is a beloved actor and can act in a serious movie or a comedy. The message of the film was very relatable because in most step-families, there is competition between the biological parents and those who come in as step-parents. However, due to the fact that it is rated PG-13, there was quite a bit of crudity that was not needed. Not all parents may be comfortable with allowing their children to watch the movie because there is material that is not appropriate for younger viewers such as the language and specific scenes. All characters in the film were well developed including the children as well as the adults. According to the Rotten Tomatoes website, sixty-one percent of 23, 795 viewers claimed they liked it. The website also provided that Daddy's Home raked in 29.2 million dollars which does not even compare to the whopping 90.2 million dollars that Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens accumulated.  Overall, I would recommend this movie because I really enjoyed the story and I laughed the entire time. Stay tuned for next week as I will be reviewing the movie The Visit.

Daddy's Home Movie Trailer